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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Full Circle

Last night I visited my Uncle at his parents' house. He's been staying there since his Dad is counting his last days. I have known his parents for a long time and have had some good times with them. I wasn't really sure how my meeting was going to be since I was going to see his Mom and his Dad who is on his death bed. So I got there and was quite amazed by how good the space was in their house. There were no regrets, just the joy of someone about to complete the full circle of a wonderful life and who was ready for the next phase. I sat with my Uncle's Mom and she still had the same smile on her face as always and we had a wonderful time. There's no denying the fact that he will be missed, however, instead of making it miserable for him to complete his life, they had made the whole process a lot easier and joyful. My Uncle told me he had been playing his Dad's favorite classical music during the day which he could probably hear sub consciously. The whole thing was just beautiful. It completely changed my whole idea about death. Now that's how I would like to complete my circle of life.

I am back!!!

Haven't posted in a long time. Just been really busy with life and work. But its all going great. My Europe trip is happening. I am travelling with some very close friends (one of them I didn't even expect would ever make it... I don't think even he did!). Dom's a close friend that I used to work with back at Commsec in Sydney. We shared a cubicle for almost a year and what started as a working relationship grew up into an awesome friendship. It really hurt to say goodbye to him and some other close friends back in Sydney when I moved to San Diego. But... I'll get to see him soon. He's visiting me here and then we both fly together to London where I am meeting some high school friends from India and some other friends I worked with at Westpac, back in Sydney. Can't wait for it! Then we'll travel to Barcelona for 3 nights and then to Rome where I'll meet couple other friends that I went to Uni (College for u Americans... who always frown at me when I say Uni) with in Brisbane. From Rome, we're travelling to Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam and Zurich. Then I am going to Delhi for 7 days to attend a friend's wedding and then back to San Diego. Watch this space for pics!!

While I was away not blogging, I still wrote some pieces in my own time... just never got around to publishing them. So I'll do them anyway since I am on a blog updating mission.