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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I am back!!!

Haven't posted in a long time. Just been really busy with life and work. But its all going great. My Europe trip is happening. I am travelling with some very close friends (one of them I didn't even expect would ever make it... I don't think even he did!). Dom's a close friend that I used to work with back at Commsec in Sydney. We shared a cubicle for almost a year and what started as a working relationship grew up into an awesome friendship. It really hurt to say goodbye to him and some other close friends back in Sydney when I moved to San Diego. But... I'll get to see him soon. He's visiting me here and then we both fly together to London where I am meeting some high school friends from India and some other friends I worked with at Westpac, back in Sydney. Can't wait for it! Then we'll travel to Barcelona for 3 nights and then to Rome where I'll meet couple other friends that I went to Uni (College for u Americans... who always frown at me when I say Uni) with in Brisbane. From Rome, we're travelling to Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam and Zurich. Then I am going to Delhi for 7 days to attend a friend's wedding and then back to San Diego. Watch this space for pics!!

While I was away not blogging, I still wrote some pieces in my own time... just never got around to publishing them. So I'll do them anyway since I am on a blog updating mission.


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